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Do you know where you should be in the admission process according to your grade level?  The College Planning Calendar© will provide you with a month by month checklist of what you should be doing.  This college preparation checklist will help you through planning such things as when to take the ACT/SAT test, web sites to visit for additional information, and timing for submitting the dreaded Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


The College Planning Calendar© will walk you through the questions to ask on your visit, financial aid information and many more helpful topics. This calendar was designed with the intent to have much needed college admissions information all in one place.


The College Planning Calendar© focuses on what the student needs to do per month of their Junior and or Senior year of high school. The majority of our efforts in providing you this information is to assist you in making an informed decision and help the admissions process be more manageable.


The College Planning Calendar© will provide you with an overview of what needs to be completed on a monthly basis. A series of questions to ask, relating to various topics while on your college visit(s) is also included.  Did you Know Facts, financial aid glossary, state agency phone numbers, ACT and SAT registration and test dates will also provide a lending hand.


Purchasing The College Planning Calendar© you will be able to:

  • Submit your admissions application(s) with all necessary requirements.
  • Know what questions to ask on your college visit.
  • Avoid the common mistakes that can hold up your application paper work.
  • Recognize the types of financial aid available.
  • Familiarize yourself with the FAFSA forms.
  • Useful web sites.






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